MOJO Marketplace

Create one living design system that allows MOJO to be integrated into infinite amounts of other platforms

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Integrate 1 marketplace into 32 separate platforms – and do it in 3 months (including dev time)

My solution

Create a living, dynamic design system that would allow each platform to be instantly converted with a single click

How I did this

Using years of experience building design systems and leveraging the technology of Sketch, InVision, LucidCharts – I built a UI pattern that matched the brand's styles & symbols on a 1:1 ratio. Once the styles were matched up, the rest is magic (automatic)



It's important that colors and typography styles match 1:1


The magic:

Symbols don't need to match, nor do they even need to exist. Once the file is dropped onto the design system, the symbols will get automatically created and the colors & text styles will automatically convert

Take this button for example:

It's made up of 4 parts

Now, when we drop the new button onto another platform that has matching names and text styles...

Seamless results

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