Goal: Create the most simple website builder on the planet

The goal was to create a portfolio builder that removed all the guess work from building an effective portfolio. Our job centered around one goal; get the creative hired.

UX Research

UI/UX Design


Design systems 


UI Pattern


Designers: 2

Developers: 12

PM: 1

Stakeholders: 3

My Role

UX research, UX design, interactive design, design systems, and sprint planning

Delivery: 6 mo

Facing challenges from the get go

Great products are built by teams who share the same goals. Electrik's team was scattered across the world, making it difficult to collaborate.

Unique challenges require unique solutions


Gathering data

Before ever touching a wireframes, we conducted VR interviews with users and gathered feedback regarding their current website solutions.

The journey began

We then began to develop a flow that would solve the pains users felt with their current solution. 

Designing the system

We started everything with the nuts and bolts (wireframes). This ensured the usability and technological requirements could be met before ever considering polished pixels.

Simple apps require complex planning

Hundreds of variables had to be designed and planned out carefully to account for every possible behavior


After user testing the basic wireframes, the app began to take life

Test & pivot

We used various testing methods to validate the usability of Electrik. In this example, we found that 76% of our users were having problems with screen real estate (the toolbar was too long and too big). Listening to our users gave us the power to create a much more powerful solution .

Usability tools


The last step of the process was to create a set of illustrations and iconography in order to evoke delightful emotions.

Motion for emotion

From data-influenced planning, we were able to leverage design-driven thinking to solve problems that could only be done using the power of visual design. 

Watch in action


Rinse & repeat

When building for users, design is never truly 'done'. It's an ongoing process that forever evolves with the needs of its users.

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