GoGladly: Case Study

Create a friendly, consumer-facing HOA experience that connects home owners and property owners

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I personally met with the founder of GoGladly  for a period of 3 times per week in order to gain insight into the problems with HOA. 

During this time, I gathered analytics and surveys that allowed me to understand what needs HOA members had.


After studying this data, I found that home owners have always had a difficult time with transparency into what is going on in their community. They also found it extremely difficult to communicate with HOA companies and other property owners.

My solution

I already knew GoGladly wanted to fix this, but it was up to me to figure out exactly how to make an experience that relieved this stress.

Basic sketches – focus on the user's need

It's important to begin as low-fidelity as possible. This allowed me to rapidly conceptualize flows, interactions, and even component (I.e. buttons) placements very early on as to avoid wasting valuable design time

Wireframe and gather early feedback

Once I flushed out the high-level flow of the solution, I begin wireframing actual component placement and gather very early feedback from the front-end devs, stakeholders, and product manager

Comparison between wireframe and final output


- 50% of customers used the app on their computer to view posts, but...

- The other 50% used their phone to create posts

- And they were unwilling to download an app only to serve one purpose

This was an odd anomaly. Except, I don't believe in anomaly's when it comes to UX ;).

We had to build a fully capable responsive version that felt like an iOS app.

Features from user feedback

Users wanted a way to view events going on in their neighborhood and gain transparency into vacancy for the relevant facilities

Interactive mockup

I try to always create interactive mockups that represent the specific goal we're trying to serve. I will record users interacting with this so I can gather valuable data on whether we have successfully achieved our goals.