My journey
I was born
Don’t worry, I’ve grown up just a little since then ;)
Marketing language
Became inspired by Richter7 Ad Agency and began to do copywriting and marketing.
17 yrs
Visual Design
Adopted a vigorous ‘learn as you go’ methodology. Quickly became adept to logo design, print design, and iconography through real-world client work. 
Discovered the need for websites. Thus, I taught myself the basics of web design.
18 yrs
Learned coding to help bring clients’ designs to life
Became a CBT coach
Intensely studied Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and began helping people with fears, grief, trauma, bad habits, and other human conditions. This lead to a much brighter perspective on why humans make decisions
22 yrs
UX changed everything
The way I approached design would forever be changed. The realization was crushing. I quickly went from creating art for design's sake, to strategically and systematically building solutions for people.
UX Design allowed me to take the natural empathy I had for people and use it to cure their deepest pains and frustrations
I had the opportunity to work on teams such as:
• MOJO Marketplace
• Adobe
• Microsoft (Xbox)
I started at Facebook, building the Marketplace for over 2 billion people across the planet
More about me
While I have a healthy 'obsession' with users and design, I have also found equal importance in living a full life.
I have surrounded myself with golden opportunities of knowledge. I engage myself in things such as astro-physics/general physics, 3D modeling, forging swords, writing books, and playing with puppies.

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